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Sonic Welding Services | Los Angeles and Orange County

Newport Plastics uses sonic welding techniques as part of the process of creating their custom injection molded plastic products. Sonic welding is just one of several different methods which can be utilized in order to seal injection molded plastic parts together. Newport Plastics completes all of their own injection molding and sonic welding processes in house, which means that they can guarantee the best quality parts and can meet all of your needs.

Sonic welding is a plastic welding process which involves using an acoustic tool in order to transfer vibration energy through each plastic part and into the area for welding. The friction which is created by these molecules as they vibrate is strong enough to create heat which melts the plastic, welding plastic pieces together in the process. As soon as the plastic has reached a molten state, the vibration ceases. Pressure is applied to the pieces while the molten part of the plastic solidifies. This sonic welding process is utilized when welding smaller manufactured plastic parts to one another. Although there are many other plastic welding systems which can be used, none produce the same weld strength that sonic welding can which is why Newport Plastics prefers sonic welding to other forms of plastic welding.

Newport Plastics uses the sonic welding technique when welding small injection molded parts together. If you purchase small promotional or advertising novelties from Newport Plastics, or a whole host of other injection molded products, your custom made plastic parts will likely be welded together using the sonic welding technique. Sonic welding produces a strong connection between individual injection molded parts, ensuring that plastic items will stay together. If you are looking for small injection molded plastic items like advertising novelties or other small pieces which are welded together in a sturdy fashion and will not fall apart over time, then opting for Newport Plastics' sonic welding technique is definitely the way to go.

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