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An Alternative To Manufacturing Promotional Products Overseas
Anchor Services
Newport Plastics can print your logo, contact information or any other text that you can imagine directly onto your custom made plastic parts.


Newport Plastics is a full service custom injection molding shop which can provide competitive pricing and an experienced team able to run virtually all engineered resins. A One-Stop-Shop to bring concept to finished product.

Newport Plastics's vast knowledge and experience allows them to manage all types of challenges including detailed insert tooling/Over molding and production of virtually all engineered resins. All mold design and tooling is done in-house. We offer secondary operations, horizontal and vertical injection molding machines and cleanroom production. We also provide assembly, packaging and shipping services to provide more value into your delivered parts. Since all tooling, production and shipping is done on premises, we can offer a quick turn around time, close customer involvement with the development of their product as well as the benefits of lower shipping costs. These are 3 keys areas that directly effect your pocketbook when using out-of-country/overseas resources.​


Engineering Services
  • Prototype Product Development

  • Product Design Assistance

  • Mold Design

  • Reliability Analysis

  • Material Selection Assistance

  • Packaging Design Assistance

  • Auto CAD/CAM

  • CNC/EDM Machines

  • Stereo Lithography available

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