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Orange County & Los Angeles Silk Screening

Not only does Newport Plastics specialize in creating custom injection molded plastic parts for a variety of industries, but they also specialize in printing onto the plastic parts that they create in-house, using a variety of different unique plastic printing techniques. One of the many different plastic printing techniques that Newport Plastics utilizes for printing logos, words and images onto plastic is silk screen printing. Silk screen printing is a process which is especially useful when it comes to smooth and flat plastic surfaces, which makes it a useful process for plastic novelty items, panels and plastic enclosures.

Silk screen printing is a plastic printing process which involves printing directly onto plastic parts using baked acrylic and epoxy inks. These inks which were created primarily for plastic printing can offer a decoration which is durable and resistant to most solvents. Silk screening is a technology which is tried and true and which has proven itself. Silk screen printing is a process which allows Newport Plastics to print your logo in exceptional quality and detail on any plastic surface which is both smooth and flat.

If you are looking for injection molded plastic parts with your company or organization name or logo printed directly onto the plastic, silk screen printing is the best printing process because it will guarantee the best and most durable printing. If your logo or company name is meant to be printed on a surface which is textured or shaped in some way, there are several other printing forms which may be more effective. But when it comes to flat, smooth surfaces, silk screen printing is the plastic printing process which will provide the greatest quality print job. So if you are looking for the highest available quality print on your custom injection molded plastic parts, ask Newport Plastics to utilize this extremely effective technology when creating customized plastic items just for you.

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