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Pad Printing | Los Angeles and Orange County

Newport Plastics is a full service plastic injection molding facility which specializes in creating customized injection molded plastic parts for many different industries, one of which is creating consumer products. Newport Plastics also caters to the medical industry, engineering industries and aerospace as well. Newport Plastics is a company which prides itself on the ability to create the highest available quality plastic parts, and that involves using the highest quality printing processes when it comes to imprinting logos, text or images directly onto injection molded plastic. One of the best plastic printing methods that Newport Plastics utilizes when creating their customized plastic parts is pad printing.

Pad printing is a plastic printing method which involves using vinyl, epoxy and acrylic inks in order to print directly onto the plastic surface. Pad printing is an extremely effective method when it comes to printing on all kinds of different plastic surfaces. Pad printing is a plastic printing process which can be effectively used in large quantities for a wide variety of different products, ranging from specialty and novelty items like golf balls, yo-yos and Frisbee discs to industrial products like those used for the medical industry and for aerospace use. The pad printing process is already an extremely productive process, but it can be made to be much more efficient by adding custom options and other add-ons.

The inks that Newport Plastics uses for their pad printing process are vinyl, acrylic and epoxy and are created to be durable when printed onto plastic for long lasting vibrant colors and sharp prints. If you are looking for plastic products printed with high-quality durable and sharp colorful inks, pad printing is probably the right process for your needs. Newport Plastics can easily create the pad printed plastic products that you need in any quantity that you can imagine.

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