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Orange County & Los Angeles Hot Stamping

Newport Plastics specializes in the creation of injection molded plastic parts for a variety of different industries, including the aerospace industry, medical industry, engineering industry and in creating customized products for consumers as well. Newport Plastics utilizes the highest quality techniques and processes for everything that they do, including creating the injection molded plastic parts, welding molded parts together, and printing words, images or logos directly onto the plastic pieces. One of the high quality processes which Newport Plastics utilizes for printing logos, images and words onto plastic is called foil stamping or hot stamping.

Hot stamping or foil stamping is an image transferring process which involves using a die to transfer foil to a plastic part under heat and pressure. One of the most popular forms of foil is gold leafing, but there are also hundreds of other colors and metallic textures which can be used. The die that is used in this process is created using your individual artwork, which means that the die can contain your logo, company information and any other text that you want to include. Hot Stamping is a process which can be used to print onto a wide variety of different plastic parts, although the process is best used on plastic pieces which are flat and smooth in order to obtain the best transfer qualities.

If you are looking to add your logo or company information to an injection molded plastic part, and want Newport Plastics to use a printing method which stands out and is unique, hot stamping is probably the right plastic printing process for your needs. Hot stamping or foil stamping is a process which uses metallic foil or golf leaf foil in order to create an image, logo, or text which truly stands out from the crowd, so if you want to make a statement, have your customized plastic parts hot foil stamped!

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