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Injection Molding | Los Angeles and Orange County

One of the greatest features of the services offered by Newport Plastics is that through Newport Plastics you can have any injection molded plastic products custom made for any purpose that you can think of. Newport Plastics makes all of their injection molded plastic parts in-house, which means that they also have the capability to create their own custom molds. Through custom mold making, Newport Plastics can create anything that you need using their injection molding process.

Regardless of whether you need plastic advertising or promotional novelty items, jars or containers, plastic components for something larger, or any other plastic item that you can think of, Newport Plastics can surely deliver by creating a custom mold to your exact specifications. With a customized mold created just for you, Newport Plastics can create the custom plastic products that you need in any quantity that you desire.

Newport Plastics can do much more than simply create the plastic components that you desire, as they also have in-house capability for printing on plastic using a variety of different printing methods, including silk screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping or foil stamping. Using these creative printing methods, Newport Plastics can print your logo, contact information or any other text that you can imagine directly onto your custom made plastic parts.

Newport Plastics has the capability to create virtually any customized plastic parts that you can ever need. If you cannot find the plastic parts that you need anywhere else, Newport Plastics can easily create them for you by developing a specialized mold just for your purpose. So do not settle for less, let Newport Plastics create the right injection molded plastic pieces for your needs, and you will have a source for custom plastic components for as long as you continue to need them.

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