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Los Angeles & Orange County Advertising Novelties

A popular way to advertise a company, organization or special event is to utilize the power of inexpensive injection molded plastic advertising novelties. These novelty toys are typically emblazoned with your company logo, along with company information or information about a special event in print which is easy to read and about as colorful as the plastic novelties are. These plastic novelties come in a wide variety of different shapes, styles and uses, so no matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it somewhere.

Newport Plastics is a company which specializes in creating customized injection molded plastic parts for a variety of different industries, one of which is the consumer products industry which deals with advertising novelties. If you are looking for a way to advertise your company, or some special event that is coming up, then printing your important information on a fun advertising novelty or a useful toy that relates in some way to your industry may be an extremely helpful mode of advertisement.

There are a wide variety of different advertising novelties which are easy to distribute, effectively getting the word out about your company or organization. You can use toys such as plastic yo-yos or Frisbee discs, useful novelties like key rings or plastic combs, or silly knick knacks like Band-Aid dispensers and plastic paper clips to advertise to a whole host of different people in an easy and creative way. No matter what you are planning to advertise, these advertising novelties prevent an innovative way to get the word out inexpensively in a way that your potential customers can take advantage of. Everyone loves free novelty items, so gain the trust of your potential customers by giving them neat novelties and give them something they will never forget by leaving your contact information with them forever.

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